Shop & Establishment Licence

Any citizen who wishes to open new shop or a commercial establishment wants to commence its business within the jurisdiction of Government of Maharashtra, has to register itself under The Bombay Shops and Commercial Establishment Act, 1948.

Shop & Establishment License

The Shops and Establishment act makes sure that both organized and unorganized sectors are providing appropriate working conditions to the labourers. An applicant (Establishment) has to file an online application concerning his state’s official portal.

Shops & Establishments License

Governed by the labour departments of each state, the Shops and Establishments Act institutionalized the ambience and the state of the work environment and also established the privileges employees are allowed by their company or the management. This is best suited for shops all across India, every benefit-making foundation, lodgings, bistros, eating circles and joints, eateries, cinemas, and for all public places of entertainment. It is a must for every establishment and foundation to enlist oneself within 30 days of commencing under this act irrespective of the business being fully functional or not.


The fundamental objective of the act:
One of the fundamental purposes behind the Shops and Establishments Act, thereby mandating establishment registration, is to make sure all employees are given equal rights and benefits in all foundations, be it the offices, movie theatres, or other places of entertainment.

The protocols of the Shops and Establishments Act and establishment registration:
The Shops and Establishments Act comes under the labour laws, and frames the rules for employers to carefully heed to the number of working hours day-by-day and consistently adhere to the stipulated times for opening and shutting establishments. It also requires the management to observe national and religious leaves, set guidelines for the enlistment of juveniles and women, leaves for maternity, and casual leaves.

Upkeep of records under the Shops and Establishments Act:
All organizations need to request for the approval or endorsement of the labour department and be up-to-date on the particulars of hiring, pay, credit reductions, leaves, and so forth, under the Shops and Establishments Act. Nevertheless, these guidelines may vary from one state to the other.

Authorise prerequisite for the Shops and Establishments Act & establishment registration process:
In accordance with the labour laws, a permit issued under the Shops and Establishments Act is an obligatory prerequisite and, along these lines, all shops and foundations should register under the Act within 30 days from the date of commencing operations.

Documents Required

    • Shop or business address proof
    • ID proof
    • PAN card
    • Payment challan
    • Additional business licenses necessary to start a business.

Registration Procedure

To register your shop or establishment online, follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Visit labour department website
The entire registration process takes place online in many states, while others are semi-online. Every state’s labour department has a website with an online registration form and instructions.

Step 2: Fill up application form
Fill out the online application form accurately with information about your business. Details differ depending on the state and type of company.

Step 3: Upload documents
After completing the form, upload the necessary documents online/ In few states, physical submission of documents and a printout of the application form is required.

Step 4: Fee payment
The fee varies depending on the type of company and the type of licence. Many states have an online payment option, but DD/cash payments may also be made offline.

Step 5: Inspection
The labour department examines your application and, if they believe an inspection of your business premises is required in order to verify the particulars you filled up and documents attached, an inspector might be appointed to carry out an inspection. In the majority of cases, Inspection is not required.

Step 6: Approval and issuance of license
Following a review of your application and/or a visit to your business location, the authorities approve your application and issue a valid licence (normally valid for 1 year with renewal every year).

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