Digital Signature

Parekh Consultancy helps you in getting a Digital Signature Certificate in simple steps. Avoid unauthorized access to your documents!

Dsc Registration And Class 3 Digital Signature

Now avail a class 3 digital signature by Completing the DSC registration process in just three easy steps!

Digital Certificate

A digital certificate is another name for a digital signature or ID. The authority should have an active digital certificate in order to sign official documents digitally. A certificate authority will issue a digital certificate. One can either buy a digital certificate or get a DSC from third party certificate authorities. Additionally, a lot of organisations, governments, and businesses can publish their own certifications. In order to use a digital signature it is mandatory to have a digital certificate. Digital signatures are made feasible by digital certificates.The digital signature certificate is used to identify and verify the identity of individuals holding and using this signature. It is also used like a secure digital key.Public key encryptions are used in digital signatures to produce the signatures. Along with the user’s name, other information including the pin code email address, the date on which the certificate issued and the name of the certifying authority will be included in the digital signature certificate.

Advantages of DSC Registration

  • Authenticity: When transacting business online, authentication is useful for verifying the accuracy of the individual’s personal information and DSC provides greater authenticity
  • Cost and time savings: You can sign PDF files digitally and send them much more quickly than you can physically sign paper copies of documents and scan them to distribute via email. It is not mandatory for a digital signature certificate holder to be present physically to conduct or authorised business
  • Data integrity: Digitally signed documents cannot be changed or updated once they have been signed, making the data safe and secure. These certifications are frequently requested by government organisations in order to cross-check and confirm the business transaction
  • Improved authenticity of documents: In most cases a digitally signed document provides greater assurance for the recipient that the signer is true
  • They won’t have to worry about the documents being faked if they act on the basis of such documents.

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